PUNTOWEB: Development & publishing & advertising


Since 1996 Web Agency for the publishing industry.

PuntoWeb.Net is a Web agency geared towards online publishing

Publishers of sites like Freeonline.org, Comunicati-Stampa.net, Sitinuovi.it, Giornale Informatico ed altri. For all our products we handle editorial content, advertising, hosting and web applications.

Customer Services:

  • Web content
  • Web Advertising
  • Site & Web design
  • Hosting & domain
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • SEO e Web Marketing
  • Zope, WordPress e Joomla

Web Builder

Domain and hosting, Web design up to the management of Website with the best CMS (Zope, WordPress, Joomla, Magento).


We handle every aspect and problematic for online publishing, from content creation to monetization.


Online advertising solutions packaged and designed ad-hoc, also newsletters, on our website and social media and SEM

About PuntoWeb.Net

logogrigio1cWeb specialists since 1996. We develop our publishing products and provide services, equipment and support for the development of commercial Web sites. We know our products thoroughly and provide advertising solutions for those who want to associate its brand to our own, thinking about all the dimensions of investment and also for small businesses. Upon request we support e-commerce sites with interesting projects, providing everything you need to bring them up.

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